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What's new?

What's new this year?


Arrive early, leave earlier!

This year, we’re starting the conference slightly earlier, offering more experiences on Tuesday afternoon. The conference will also end at lunchtime on Friday, giving you plenty of time to make your flight home, or extend your stay in San Diego.


New session types and a more diverse schedule

Perhaps the most dramatic change—you’ll notice a more varied program schedule. We are mixing session types to stimulate conversations and create more networking opportunities. While Tuesday will still play host to a number of tours and workshops, we’ll spread out more workshops over 3 days. Find one to attend, even if you can’t get there on Tuesday morning.


Plenary Panels

Starting this year, in addition to the traditional Keynote on Wednesday morning, we are adding two Panel discussions in plenary format on Thursday and Friday mornings. Bringing everyone together at the start of the day will be an opportunity to listen, reflect, and participate in a moderated discussion around important sector-wide issues.


Deep Dives (Sign-up required & No extra fee)

You asked for more hands-on, interactive and participatory experiences so we’re introducing ‘Deep Dives’. Deep Dives are designed as “roll up your sleeves” experiences. They are an opportunity to brainstorm on challenges or specific issues affecting the sector or focus on particular practice areas from multiple perspectives. Deep Dives aim to explore novel approaches to a given topic and create a space that welcomes and amplifies a multitude of perspectives. They may or may not identify potential solutions to a given challenge. Due to limited capacity, attendees will be required to sign up for a Deep Dive when they register for the conference. Spots are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. All Deep Dives are included in the cost of registration. No additional fees will be charged to those who sign up.


Improved, user-friendly program schedule

To help you navigate sessions, all sessions are assigned a primary track out of five: Content, Experience, Strategy, Systems, Evaluation. Sessions also are tagged to impart info on Chatham House Rule, SIG-sponsored sessions, etc. You’ll also find ‘Session Outcomes’ listed on the program. Together we hope these changes help you curate your own conference schedule.


Social and networking events

The new program also features a number of new opportunities for attendees to catch-up and connect. Tuesday afternoon will host the traditional Welcome Session, as well as other open-house type sessions for attendees to learn more about MCN and network with others in the field. Vendors can also join the conversation. Don't miss the ‘Vendors’ Happy Hour’ on Wednesday evening.


Enhanced DEAI accommodations

Given MCN’s strategic commitment to embed Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion in everything it does, we’ll continue to expand accommodations around DEAI at the conference. These include gender neutral bathrooms, pronoun options, acknowledgements of local tribes, improved accessibility guidelines, and a new Code of Conduct, which we invite you to familiarize yourselves with.

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