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Meet our 2019 Sponsors

MCN is deeply grateful for the support of our MCN 2019 Sponsors.
Please make sure you stop by to meet them in the Sponsor Hall during the conference. 


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Dive into Microsoft In Culture and meet people who are following their passions, inspiring others, and innovating in art, music, sports, fashion, and beyond.



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Piction Digital Media Warehouse for managing all type of digital content including images, video, audio and documents. We combine a full digital asset management system with strong workflows and content distribution functions to provide a platform that can solve your digital media management requirements.


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The creative minds at Acoustiguide always innovate to create memorable experiences. We pair multi-lingual, character–driven stories with intuitive software and hardware solutions. Whether you are a museum, tourist attraction, travelling exhibition, entertainment venue or a corporate brand, our award-winning team of passionate storytellers will deliver their trademark creativity.



dexibit logo
At Dexibit, our mission is to inspire more visitors through the doors, get them engaged in rich experiences and encourage loyalty. At a time when many institutions in the industry are facing the ‘cultural crunch’: reducing grants, gifts and fierce competition for visitor attention, we arm these attractions with the latest in big data analytics and artificial intelligence to change the game.



aten logo
Everything Digital, At Your Disposal
We’re a research, design and technology company that’s all about people. We’re a team of 23 strategists, project managers, designers and engineers that love building digital products with organizations doing work that matters. We excel at communication and thrive on collaboration. We love helping clients tackle challenges big and small.


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We create clarity. Clarity of purpose and clarity of communication through insightful strategy and memorable design.



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Keepthinking uniquely combines a digital design agency with software development for Museums, Galleries, Archives, Libraries, Performing Art Venues and other cultural organisations. We offer standard compliant Content and Collection Management software as well as bespoke design, consultancy and development for any web or mobile application.



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Redefining how knowledge is shared…for over 30 years.

Lucidea Argus is a comprehensive, highly configurable collections management solution that accommodates diverse curatorial and visitor engagement requirements. This integrated platform offers powerful access options including a Web portal for sharing collections information, and mobile capabilities for an enriched visitor experience.  Argus: The CMS used by forward-thinking museums. 



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MHz Foundation’s mission is to bring global culture and perspective to US markets via digital programming.


NetX is an expert solution provider in Digital Asset Management, serving many of the world’s largest brands. NetX offers cloud-based DAM solutions, as well as installed licenses for in-house hosting. Since 2000, NetX has been singularly focused on solutions to manage large libraries of digital files. NetXposure delivers software solutions that reduce the time and cost of content production, maximize ROI from media assets, and streamline the workflows of managing large libraries of digital files.



TixTrack can help increase your ticket sales, optimize pricing, and better manage your inventory.


timelooper logo
TimeLooper is a global storytelling company that specializes in the design, production, and distribution of immersive augmented and virtual reality content for historic sites, museums, and cultural institutions. TimeLooper's core business is to partner with museums, heritage sites, government institutions, and educational NGOs to design content that seamlessly integrates into the on-site customer journey and enables site visitors to take a journey through time and history.



veevart logo
Veevart is a Salesforce based application through which museums can better connect with their audience, promote their artworks and activities, and increase their revenue.



VisitorX, which stands for Visitor Experience, is an audience research tool for museums to increase loyalty, reduce spending on exhibits that don't capture the public, and to save time on data collection to spend more time on programming and creation.


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zetcom offers tailor-made software solutions for a wide range of client scenarios. With development in-house from a to z, combined with years of experience meeting the needs of our clients, we guarantee tested and practice-approved collection management software in use daily around the world.

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