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2019 Annual Conference Theme 
Interface: Communities + Museums

For the 2019 annual conference, MCN seeks proposals that will explore the ways technology, platforms, and communities interface in museums. Often we create devices and design experiences to connect with audiences. We build networks with users and systems. We devise and revise channels to overcome obstacles. Bringing people, technology, and collections together, these interfaces are rich with challenges and opportunities that are worth exploring. Let's look into the many ways communities and museums intertwine, face challenges, and adapt. What platforms--human and technological--have made museums more responsive? How does collaboration factor into innovation? What interfaces most impact your institution and benefit your community? 
Interfacing—in all its forms—will anchor the general conversations at the conference; however, we welcome proposals on whatever topic is meaningful to you. Envisioning a world in which all museums are empowered digitally to achieve their missions, MCN wants to hear from you how making technology choices empowers you in your work. 

However, we welcome proposals on whatever topic is meaningful to you at the moment.

Questions? Email us at: program@mcn.edu
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