Intersecting Agile and the Antidotes to White Supremacy Culture
Wednesday, November 6, 2019 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
Venue: Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa
Room: Portofino
Scrum is an agile framework that encourages teams to learn through experience, work iteratively, and reflect often. It puts people before process or output, by focusing on the values and environment we share as much as the work we’re doing.

How could Scrum -- an established framework for addressing complex adaptive problems across industries -- be applied to counteract white supremacy culture in our organizations?

Diversity educators Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun identified the characteristics (and antidotes) of white supremacy culture, including: perfectionism, sense of urgency, power hoarding, fear of open conflict, and individualism. By advocating for transparency, learning, and reflection, Scrum aligns closely with the following antidotes: develop a learning organization, where it is expected that everyone will make mistakes and those mistakes offer opportunities for learning; learn from past experience how long things take; take the time to analyze how people inside and outside the organization get and share information; make sure that everyone knows and understands who makes what decisions in the organization; once a conflict is resolved, take the opportunity to revisit it and see how it might have been handled differently; and, create a culture where people bring problems to the group.

Session Type
60-Minute Session (Professional Forum or Hands-on Demonstration)
Chatham House Rule
Key Outcomes
After attending this session, participants will be ready to further examine how the characteristics of white supremacy culture manifest within museums and how Scrum might serve as a framework for actively dismantling a damaging workplace culture.
Session Leader : Meaghan Tongen, Senior Manager of Media & Technology, Head of Digital Strategy, Minneapolis Institute of Art
Speaker : Nikhil Trivedi, Senior Systems Analyst and Web Architect, Art Institute of Chicago
Co-Presenter : Nam Provost, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Minneapolis Institute of Art