How to Unionize Your Museum
Wednesday, November 6, 2019 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Venue: Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa
Room: Terrazza Ballroom
Now, more than ever, workers need to unite to protect our rights. Unions are a powerful tool with which to build a better workplace, but basic facts as to what they are and how to form one are often hard to access, the waters muddied with disinformation. This session will be a practical how-to discussion of the process of unionization, where attendees can learn from the real-life experience of people who have organized in the museum workplace. We’ll cover the enormous benefits of collective bargaining, including rights, benefits, and protections won by existing museum unions like MoMA. But we’ll also have frank discussion of the major and myriad obstacles to unionizing. Museum workers need a space to talk about labor issues and learn about their options without fear of retaliation.

Session Type
60-Minute Session (Professional Forum or Hands-on Demonstration)
Chatham House Rule
Key Outcomes
After attending this session, participants will know their rights under the National Labor Relations Act and the concrete steps workers must take to organize a labor union. They will hopefully feel more confident to initiate organizing conversations with their peers, and know how to find help and support from other union chapters and museum organizing committees.
Session Leader : Claire Blechman, Digital Asset Manager, Peabody Essex Museum
Co-Presenter : Anabel Arauz, Union Organizer, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 465
Co-Presenter : Jillian Grant, Member Organizer, The Getty
Co-Presenter : Hannah Mykel, Senior Museum Playworker, The Getty