Museum Datathon: Crafting the Holy Grail
Tuesday, November 5, 2019 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Venue: Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa
Room: Terrazza Ballroom
As museums make their collection data available and technology infrastructure becomes more robust, it’s become easier to join rich data sets from a variety of sources. Such aggregations can power multi-institutional search engines, to be sure, but there are also largely unexplored opportunities for data visualization, experimentation, and artistic projects using broader meta-collections.

Aggregating collection data was the purpose of MCN when it started in 1967. Today’s tools bring this “holy grail’ within reach like never before. This session is intended for developers, design and data visualization specialists, and individuals who simply have a passion for working with data, in all of its imperfect and complex forms. The goal is to make something fun together in a short sprint as a taste of what is now possible.

Session Type
OTHER: Data-thon
Chatham House Rule
Key Outcomes with collection data from multiple museums, get a sense of how it’s structured, and feel a sense of accomplishment at having been part of creating something with it.

We imagine participants may come out of the session having built working prototypes including…
Data visualizations
Cleaned, aggregated data sets
Data poetry
Minimal standards/ categories/vocabularies for aggregated data
Data facets (operational descriptions of open data sets)
Session Leader : Chad Weinard, Independent Museum Technology Strategist, Independent
Co-Presenter : David Nunez, Director of Technology and Digital Strategy, MIT Museum
Co-Presenter : Micah Walter, Principal, Micah Walter Studio