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Communications Guidelines



Commercial partners or vendors play a critical role in fostering innovation in the museum space. Countless new technologies are developed in collaboration with museums, and MCN is committed to providing a space for all commercial partners to have productive interactions with members of the community, to showcase their offerings, and exchange ideas with museums professionals. MCN remains grateful to our sponsors and exhibitors whose continued support makes the annual conference possible.

In compliance with the 2018 European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), MCN will request conference attendees to give their express consent to share their contact information (name, organization, title and email) with the MCN 2019 sponsors and exhibitors by opting in on the registration form. 

Therefore, MCN will only share with you the list of attendees who have opted to share their contact information with our vendors. MCN will make that list available to you early October, with an updated list before the conference. 



When you receive the conference attendees list, MCN would like to invite all sponsors to follow these simple guidelines:

Pre & post conference communication

You may only email the list of attendees shared with you once during the two weeks prior to the start of the conference and once within the two weeks after the end of the conference. 

Signing up MCN attendees to non-MCN email lists

You may not automatically subscribe MCN conference attendees to your company’s email newsletter (or others), without seeking their prior consent. This prevents recipients from feeling they are spammed when receiving something they never expressly signed up for. 

Communications content

We understand that you want attendees to know you’ll be exhibiting. So share your enthusiasm to be there, share your booth location and let them know you look forward to seeing them, doing a demo of this new product, walk them through your new brand new feature, etc. 

You may also remind them that they may make a private appointment with each of you since MCN is providing all vendors access to a private, bookable meeting room at the Conference hotel to meet with prospects.

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