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Ignite MCN 2019

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Ignite MCN kicks off the annual conference festivities and has become a signature event since its debut in 2012 in Seattle. 

Join us on Tuesday November 5, 2019 at the Music Box in San Diego. Expect a night of fun, thought-provoking and inspiring #musetech talks. The talks follow the “Ignite” format, in which presenters have five minutes and 20 slides (which advance automatically every 15 seconds) to enlighten, entertain, and inspire. 

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This year, we're introducing a couple of changes to the way we've been running Ignite since its debut in 2012. Instead of having each speaker give a talk on a topic of their choice, we asked them to provide their unique perspective around a central question: "Imagine the future of". 

The MCN 2019 Ignite Speakers are: 
  • Imagine the Future of the Museum Experience - Nathan Adkisson 
  • Imagine the Future of Humanity - Mike Edson 
  • Imagine the Future of Righting our Wrongs - Effie Kapsalis 
  • Imagine the Future of Mission-Based Work - Alison Koch 
  • Imagine the Future of Global Structured Data - Andrew Lih 
  • Imagine the Future of Museum Accessibility - Beth Redmond-Jones 
  • Ignite MCNs I Have Known - Koven Smith 

Additionally, MCN will enroll this year's Ignite speakers in the “MCN Ignite Academy”—a structured, mentoring process in the run up to the conference in which first timer presenters will be connected with past Ignite presenters and other seasoned professionals to offer encouragement, support, and feedback.


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