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2018 Volunteers

MCN 2018 Volunteer Committee

  • Chris Evans, Volunteer Coordinator, MCN, and Director of Media & Design, 106 Group
  • Seema Rao, Principal and CEO, Brilliant Idea Studio

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We are the MCN 2018 Volunteers. We applied to help make the MCN Conference run smoothly. We ran the gauntlet of the application process with the largest number of applicants yet. We are ready to do what it takes, to fill in the gaps, to nail the details, to be worker bees buzzing around the conference so that all of the attendees can experience the best conference in the history of MCN. We are ready for Denver.
If you are coming to Denver for the MCN Conference, seek us out to answer your questions, record your sessions, and tweet those sweet, sweet nectars of ideas. Are you excited for November? We are...

The 2018 Volunteers!

  • Devon Armstrong, Boston Children's Museum
  • Nathalie Carlo, The University of Denver & the Clyfford Still Museum
  • Rumana Chaudhuri, Nation
  • Rebecca Friday, Hudson Media
  • Melanie Groves, Frick Art & Historical Center
  • Pengxiao Hao, PhD student, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Corinne Kannenberg, Graduate Student    
  • Vincent Leon, Denver Art Museum
  • Derek Sava, Denver Art Museum
  • Camila Silva, PhD student, University of Sao Paulo (USP)
  • Samantha Smith, Spring Hill Historic Home
  • Marty Spellerberg   
  • Cordelia Taylor, Denver Art Museum
  • Adam Weisman, Denver Art Museum
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