Understanding our audiences: The Whitney’s Website Visitor Survey and its broader context
Friday, November 16, 2018 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Venue: The Curtis Hotel
Room: Hopscotch (3rd floor)
This session will share learnings from the Whitney's recent website visitor motivation survey, and review how these resonate with the recent Museum VMS paper published in the Journal of Digital and Social Media Marketing. We will cover methodological approaches and findings, as well as the usage of motivation as a key variable to define website segmentation. The Whitney’s results will be reviewed in the context of ongoing efforts to understand the intersectionality of museum audiences, and the development of human-first approaches, blending an understanding of user intent and action to measure more meaningful behavior and engagement.

Drawing on case studies from the Met and the Tate, we’ll look at how these studies influence decisions in the digital roadmap of these institutions.The ongoing exploration of visitor motivation and the public sharing of the results at conferences and in peer-reviewed journals represents an important dialogue that is stimulating the evolution of websites and digital content. By demonstrating how museums gain insights into audience motivations and behaviors, the session endeavors to spur more museums to conduct VMS projects. The audience will learn how to implement VMS projects at their own institutions, how to analyze the results, and make use of the data.

Type of Session
60-minute Professional Forum or Hands-on Demonstration
Session Leader : Sofie Andersen, Director of Digital Media, Whitney Museum of American Art
Co-Presenter : Sarah Wambold, Director of Digital Media, Clyfford Still Museum
Co-Presenter : Elena Villaespesa, Assistant Professor, Pratt Institute
Co-Presenter : Sydney Stewart, Graduate Student, Pratt Institute
Speaker : Colin Brooks, Web Developer, Whitney Museum of American Art
Speaker : Marty Spellerberg, Developer, Independent contractor working with the Clyfford Still Museum