The Smithsonian's new open source 3D pipeline and 3D viewer!
Wednesday, November 14, 2018 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Venue: The Curtis Hotel
Room: Dodgeball (2nd floor)
The Smithsonian is developing a suite of open source tools to produce, manage, and deliver 3D assets from the Institution’s collections at an ambitious scale. The beta versions of these tools are being released to the GLAM community as an open source project. 

All of these tools are being made freely available to other museums, learning institutions, and commercial entities worldwide, including our new 3D viewing platform and authoring tool, specifically developed for museums and educators. Along with a web-based API for delivering 3D content, we see these tools as a way to democratize the 3D assets that represent our collection across any number of platforms.

To support these efforts in access we are developing a 3D data repository and a processing automation tool. We are building these systems around a metadata model designed to increase transparency and usability of the data and models we produce. Our flexible processing automation tool offloads hours of tedious labor involved in creating and delivering 3D models, leveraging a wide array of 3D processing applications into simple, easy to implement recipes.

Type of Session
60-minute Professional Forum or Hands-on Demonstration
Session Leader : Vincent Rossi, Sr. 3D Program Officer, The Smithsonian Institution, Digitization Program Office
Co-Presenter : Ralph Wiedemeier, Software Architect and Digital Artist, Frame Factory -