Strategies for Scale and Sustainability
Friday, November 16, 2018 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Venue: The Curtis Hotel
Room: Peek a Boo (2nd floor)

Museums spend a lot of time and money to launch a technology project or product. However, we often fail to put same resources into maintaining or sustaining digital projects. How can we, as museum technologists, humanize digital sustainability to demonstrate its importance? This session will explore strategies museums have implemented to maintain and grow ongoing technology initiatives. Panelists will present on case studies that illuminate and demystify approaches their institutions have taken in scaling, sustaining, or making the tough decision to phase out digital projects. The case studies represent a wide range of institutions, from large and well-resourced to smaller with limited budgets. In the second half of the session, panelists will use Slido to engage with the audience. The discussion will consider how practitioners may be able to apply such approaches to enable broader understanding of the vital role sustainability can play within their own institutions.

Topics to be covered include:
- Responding to shifting audience needs
- Responding to advancements and changes in technology
- Growing pilots into products
- Incorporating projects into daily operations
- Making data-informed decisions
- Fundraising and budgeting for digital products
- Deciding when to pull the plug on unsuccessful products

Type of Session
60-minute Professional Forum or Hands-on Demonstration
Session Leader : Desi Gonzalez, Manager of digital engagement, The Andy Warhol Museum
Co-Presenter : Dana Allen-Greil, Director of Digital Strategy, Monterey Bay Aquarium, National Archives (U.S.)
Co-Presenter : Loic Tallon, Chief Digital Officer, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Co-Presenter : Ariana French, Director, Digital Technology, American Museum of Natural History
Co-Presenter : Elizabeth Bollwerk, Archaeological Analyst, Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery, Thomas Jefferson Foundation