Field Trip 2: Computer Lib / Nightmare Machines: Technology’s Impact on Cultural Communities (A conversation between museum technologists and local artists)
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Venue: Emmanuel Gallery
Room: MCN Field Trip p.m. (offsite)

Meet by MCN registration area on 3rd floor by 1:15pm. We'll start walking toward Emmanuel Gallery, 1205 10th Street at 1:30pm.

Exchange big ideas on complex topics with local artists and fellow cultural practitioners at this conversation-in-the-round about the technical revolutions and their effects on our communities. Tech evangelists praise technology’s promise of liberation—bodies free from manual labor, minds free from menial tasks. But is practice proving a slide to dependence, distraction, and division? Social media exposes millions to art, artists, and cultural institutions, but is it also eroding our collective visual literacy, aesthetic values, and attention spans? Our ability to anticipate issues of data privacy and governance are outstripped by the rapid pace of major technological advances. In tech revolutions, who benefits and who gets left behind? This discussion will focus on revolutionary tech’s effects on the arts community, artistic practice, and the audience’s ability to appreciate—and willingness to engage with—art and culture.

This unmoderated exchange, facilitated by local arts organization Tilt West, will explore the possible threats, solutions, and outcomes, providing a rare opportunity for heady dialogue and a chance to experience a slice of the Denver art scene. Participants will journey offsite to a lesser-known art space to exchange ideas, evolve perspectives, and make connections across disciplines.

Type of Session
Pre-conference Tuesday workshop (3 hours)
Session Leader : Sarah McKenzie, Co-Founder, Board Treasurer, Tilt West