Blockchain for Museums
Thursday, November 15, 2018 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM
Venue: The Curtis Hotel
Room: Patty Cake (2nd floor)
This session will be facilitated by Matt Tarr, discussing applications of blockchain technology in the arts from a variety of perspectives, both from inside museums and in the private sector. Matt will be joined by Keir Winesmith, formerly SFMOMA,  and Jeremy Tubbs of Conlectio.
Persistent, transparent, trustless, verifiable, consensus, public, append-only, peer-to-peer, distributed…
You’ve known these words but do you know what they mean in this context?
Join several museum technologists to discuss various aspects of mysterious “blockchain.” Is it the magic elixir or snake oil? Is it the beginning of the end of privacy? Or a tool to protect the oppressed? Is it more than just Bitcoin?
We’ll start with a simple and interactive explanation of what a blockchain is including many of the concepts inherent in understanding them.
And then we’ll dive into some of aspirational ideals, potential pitfalls and real world applications for this technology if you don’t know about come and listen, ask questions. If you know about blockchain come contribute to the shared understanding. This is for folks at every point on the n00b to nerd continuum.

Jeremy Tubbs of Conlectio will discuss how blockchain can lead to the decentralized replication of immutable data provenance we have always dreamed of. In this session you will learn that the blockchain will discuss how the crypto currencies ... you will learn about Smart Contacts, existing proposed standards from https::// and and about how you can utilize the InterPlanetary File System to securely share data. Conlectio has the goal of "Connecting Collections" and aims to be the first Cradle to Crypt asset tracking system.

Type of Session
60-minute Professional Forum or Hands-on Demonstration
Session Leader : Matthew Tarr, Director of Digital Architecture, American Museum of Natural History
Co-Presenter : Jeremy Tubbs, Founder, Conlectio