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Presenters Guidelines

By submitting a proposal to present at MCN 2018, you consent to these terms and conditions for participating in the Conference if your proposal is accepted by the Program Committee.

New in 2018: Once accepted, all request to change a proposal must be submitted through a MCN2018 Program Change Request Form. Email requests will not be accepted. Changes to speakers, session formats, and other elements are still subject to these Terms and Conditions. 


Each presenter and panel member must agree to:

  • Confirm that you will present at MCN 2018, by Friday, June 30, 2018. An individual can only participate as a presenter, co-presenter, or panelist on three (3) distinct sessions in the program. Therefore, an individual cannot be listed as a participant in more than three proposals, including workshops and Ignite presentations.
  • Let MCN schedule your session at a day and time it sees fit. MCN further reserves the right to change the schedule as it sees fit.
  • Use the MCN2018 Program Change Request Form to request a change in a scheduled session no later than Friday, September 7, 2018. Requests for scheduled sessions is at MCN’s discretion and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Attend the conference in person to present the paper in the live session (no remote presentation).
  • Register for the conference and pay the registration fee by Friday, August 31, 2018 (except for US government federal employees) or your name will be removed from the program. Early Bird registration opens June 28, 2018.
  • Grant permission to be video or audio recorded and assign to MCN permission to distribute the recording at its discretion, unless you explicitly opt-out during the proposal process or through our Program Change Request Form
  • Submit final presentation materials & AV/IT requirements to MCN by Friday, November 9, 2018.
  • Abide by MCN's Friendly Space Policy.

MCN belongs to you. As a membership organization, MCN relies on your support for making the conference a reality. We encourage presenters to be members: you may join or renew your membership here or you may do so when you register (Registration opens June 28).

Ignite Presenters

You agree to attend both an afternoon rehearsal and the Ignite opening night reception on Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

Workshop Presenters

Once your proposal for a workshop is accepted, you will be expected to deliver it in person. Because MCN charges an additional fee (on top of conference registration) for workshops, you agree to the following:

  • Once your proposal for a workshop is accepted, MCN will expect you to deliver it in person.
  • Before July 1, 2018, you may cancel your workshop at no charge.
  • After July 1, 2018, should you be unable to deliver your scheduled workshop, you will be expected to find a suitable replacement at no cost to MCN, and with MCN’s approval.
  • NEW in 2018: you will be required to attend a mandatory online workshop training session. Further details will be emailed to you.   


NEW in 2018: as conference costs keep increasing, MCN has been looking for areas where we can make small changes without impacting your ability to attend. Starting with the 2018 conference, MCN will not offer a $50 speaker discount on registration. 
However, we will continue to offer a $125 discount per workshop presented. The discount will be split among workshop presenters and credited against their registration fees. 


You may cancel your MCN conference registration as follows:

  • 100% refund until September 30, 2018 - less a $25.00 administrative fee.
  • 50% refund from October 1-November 3, 2018 - less a $25.00 administrative fee.
  • No cancellation after November 3, 2018.

MCN will issue a full refund in the event a workshop or tour is canceled.
You may assign your registration to someone else by notifying MCN at conference@mcn.edu no later than Friday, October 19, 2018.


What you can expect from MCN:

  • Breakout session rooms are all equipped with a screen, a projector, a podium and microphones.
  • A limited number of HDMI adapters will be made available to presenters on a first come, first served basis.

What MCN expects from you:

  • Bring your own laptop computer to show your presentation to the audience. Presenters in shared sessions might find it preferable to coordinate and load all presentations onto a single laptop.
  • A limited number of HDMI adapters will be made available to presenters on a first come, first served basis. to VGA Adapter).
  • If you use a Mac, you should bring the appropriate projector adapters (Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter). A limited number of HDMI adapters will be made available to presenters on a first come, first served basis.
  • All speakers and workshop presenters are expected to submit their final presentation slides in either PowerPoint, Keynote or PDF format no later than Friday, November 9, 2018 by email at conference@mcn.edu (if your presentation is too large for email, please send via wetransfer.com) or contact Carolyn Lagermasini at conference@mcn.edu for assistance. (Note that the preferences and dates for slide deck presentation uploads may change, in which case you will be notified before the conference.)
  • This year, all 60-minute sessions will have the option to use Slido for live audience polling and question up voting during your presentation. You will be required to participate in an online demo during the summer if you wish to use Slido in your session. 
    If you use Twitter, please add your Twitter handle + any specific hashtag you'd like to use in addition to #MCN2018 (plus a hash-dash to be assigned several weeks before the conference) to the footer of each page of your presentation, so that the audience can tweet about the session and identify you by your handle without wondering what your handle is.
  • Mention the track(s) your session has been assigned to.
  • If you intend to show a live demonstration in your presentation, you must make sure to insert it into as a screen recording into your main PowerPoint document so that it can be viewed by those not in attendance.


Unless requested otherwise on your proposal submission, all MCN sessions are audio recorded. Therefore, you are expected to:
  • Arrive a few minutes before the start of your session so you have time to set up, troubleshoot any last minute tech issues and call on MCN volunteers to assist you, and meet your co-presenters if you have not already done so.
  • When presenting, use the microphones in the room, whether you’re sitting down at the speaker table or standing at the podium.
  • Speak slowly and clearly. Remember that English may not be everyone’s first language.
    Before you launch into your presentation, introduce yourself, your title and the name of your institution and ask your audience if they can hear you okay so you can make any sound adjustment immediately.
  • Presentations have time limits, which will be applied. Presenters should be prepared to keep all presentations within their designated times, or have them cut short.
During Q&As at the end of the session, remind attendees to come up to the center aisle in the front of the room to ask their questions in the standing microphone. In larger sessions, volunteers may walk around with free microphones. If someone in the audience should ask a question out loud without using a microphone, kindly repeat their question into the microphone so that it is captured by the audio recording.


Leading a session at MCN essentially means that you’re responsible for making sure everyone runs on time and that comments and questions are properly facilitated.

One Month prior to the Conference
  • Verify how the session presenters  would like to be introduced (bios), and cover format, social media plans, and other logistics.
  • Schedule at least one (virtual) meeting with all of the panelists ahead of the conference to introduce them to each other and to go through the plan and schedule for the panel.
  • Ensure speaker needs for the session are arranged and will be met (AV, etc.)
  • Help MCN solicit slides from speakers in advance of the session.
  • Meet your session presenters in person prior to the session, if possible.
  • Arrive early to the session, ensure the room is ready.
  • Arrive a few minutes before the start of the session so you have time to set up, troubleshoot any last minute tech issues and call on MCN volunteers to assist you.
  • Welcome attendees at the start of the session.
  • Alert attendees to any special format for the session, housekeeping, or general announcements e.g is there a preferred Twitter hashtag they should use specific to the session’s topic.
  • If the session is held under the Chatham House Rule, the Session Leader is responsible for reminding attendees to refrain from recording, live tweeting, or otherwise sharing and identifying information with others outside of the session.
  • Announce any related SIG or Exhibitor information.
  • Introduce the speakers and briefly note what they will be discussing.  This may be extremely brief or include a description of some common thread connecting the presentations together, it's really up to you and your session presenters to work out.
  • Monitor the session environment and flow. Ensure everyone is mindful of the recording. If there are any problems, address them swiftly and professionally (e.g. technical issues, etc.)
  • Keep time, moderate and facilitate Q&As.
  • If using Twitter, it's best to dedicate someone to this task and let the audience know. Live tweeting is fine during the sessions if you can maintain a respectful focus on the session at the same time. Note that some in the audience do not use social media and may consider this behavior to be rude if not noted in advance, so if you plan to tweet, say so at the session start so everyone knows what you are doing. Check with panelists to ensure they are comfortable and in agreement with planned social engagement.
  • Monitoring social streams for questions is MORE important that tweeting live coverage. If you can recruit a volunteer in the audience to monitor social streams, that is preferable.
  • Close the session with thanks to the panel, availability of any materials, and social engagement. 
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