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MCN 2018 - November 13-16, 2018, Denver, CO

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MCN 2018: Humanizing the Digital

This year, MCN seeks proposals that investigate how museums can use technology to foster human connection and dialogue, advance accessibility and inclusion, and champion inquiry and knowledge. How have you used digital tools to solve institutional problems, enhance user experience, and make data a force for good? Share how you think technology can meet audience and community needs, or the ways in which our work is informed by the very human qualities of collaboration, creativity, and empathy. MCN is seeking a mix of hands-on, participatory solutions to museum technology problems and deeper discussions of the changes and challenges that face our ever-evolving field.
If being human is not simply a matter of being born flesh and blood, if it’s simply a way of thinking, acting, and feeling, then I am hopeful that one day I will discover my own humanity. Until then, I will continue learning, changing, growing, and trying to become more than what I am.
- Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Workshops and tours: Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Conference sessions & events: Wednesday-Friday November 14-16, 2018

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Location: downtown Denver at The Curtis Denver Hotel
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