#MCNergy: "What I'll Do When I Get Back to My Museum" Session 1
Friday, November 10, 2017 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM
Venue: Phipps

Facilitator: Robert Weisberg
Mentors: Shaelyn Amaio, Mimosa Shah

Areas of expertise (but all questions welcome): organizational culture, empathy, publishing, informal learning experiences, contemplative spaces/programming, interdepartmental collaboration, community engagement, project management, program/event planning, education

This year’s Museum Computer Network theme deliberately ends with “Taking Action,” reflecting the wish of attendees who wanted to not just report back but act upon what they learned at MCN. Busy conferences lack time to reflect and plan, and the increasingly frenetic nature of museum work has undermined staff as they try to maintain their enthusiasm for action upon returning to the office. Combining the spirit of the popular speed-networking events with the collective wisdom-making of more holistic sessions like last year’s Making the Workplace We Want and Peer Reviewing, this final-day series of unconferences will provide attendees a safe, moderated space to brainstorm, strategize, and network with direction and intention in order to tackle the kinds of problems that brought all of us to MCN in the first place.

In each session, a facilitator and several volunteer mentors will keep discussion moving and make sure that all participants have the opportunity for problem-solving sprints with the group. After the conference, participants will form an ongoing network of “friend-tors” (inspired by a successful Minneapolis 2015 session) whom can be called upon to provide remote feedback and support. Sessions will be spaced over the final day to provide attendees an opportunity to drop in at one without fear of missing other sessions they may have had in their sights (and will do the same for the volunteer mentors). The volunteer mentors will work from a common set of standard project-management ideas and will be especially encouraged to bring in learning from earlier conference sessions to help their fellow attendees see their problems in new lights. After the conference, the volunteer mentors will collectively pool their (redacted to protect the privacy of attendees) experiences and produce a problem-solving guide for the MCN community. Empathy and listening will be combined with brainpower in the interest of linking MCN topics to the work back at our museums and keep us from losing hope as the experience of MCN fades.


Type of Session
OTHER: Unconference series
Session Leader : Robert Weisberg, Senior Project Manager, Publications and Editorial, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Co-Presenter : Shaelyn Amaio, Producer of Public Programs & Community Engagement, New York Transit Museum
Co-Presenter : Mimosa Shah, Adult Program Coordinator, Skokie Public Library