Yes, And: Improv to make your museum more collaborative, empathetic, and fun
Friday, November 10, 2017 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Venue: Conference Center A

What if two words could build trust, resolve conflict, unlock creativity, strengthen teams, and foster visitor- and user-centered thinking? “Yes and” makes this possible!

“Yes, and,” along with other core principles of improvisational theater, is about is about working collaboratively with others, being in the moment, active listening, and celebrating failure.

In this session, we’ll breakdown and demonstrate how you can utilize the mindsets and rules of improv to build creative, collaborative teams and support spaces for staff and visitors alike.

Dana Mitroff Silvers has been studying improv at Berkeley Repertory Theater and Bay Area Theater Sports for over 10 years. She regularly incorporates activities, mindsets, and principles of improv into her Design Thinking workshops and writes about it frequently on her site, Design Thinking for Museums.

Susan Edwards introduced improv at the Hammer Museum two years ago. There, a small group meets monthly to play games and talk about how improv improves work, and the visitor experience team uses improv techniques regularly. Susan has also been designing digital games for museums since 2003.

Andrew Phan has been studying performance and storytelling for 10 years. Andrew incorporates improv and the craft of storytelling in his role at Piction. He has also studied and performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre as well as the Coldtowne Theatre in Austin.


Type of Session
OTHER: Mini Workshop
Session Leader : Dana Mitroff Silvers, Design Thinking Facilitator, Designing Insights
Co-Presenter : Susan Edwards, Associate Director, Digital Content, Hammer Museum
Co-Presenter : Andrew Phan, Marketing, Piction