The MCN Listening Lounge
Wednesday, November 8, 2017 1:15 PM - 5:00 PM
Venue: Phipps

In a world fascinated by VR/AR technology, people often overlook that audio was the first way we “augmented” a museum’s “reality.” We posit that the way to a person’s heart is not through their stomach – it’s through their ears. As a medium, audio offers a singularly direct connection with the listener, creating a sense of presence and intimacy. When done right, it makes you feel for someone or something; it opens up imaginary worlds; it bridges the space between “us” and the unfamiliar “other.”

Barriers go down when people just listen. Time takes on a different meaning. And it helps us as humans – to look, feel, remember. Often as storymakers, we are closer to the activity of telling a story than listening to one. We propose creating a “Listening Lounge” that will focus solely on the act of receiving.

The space would have low lights, comfy chairs, a quiet vibe, and multiple sets of Bluetooth headphones, and function as a drop-in chill space for MCN participants. Much like a “Silent Disco,” the Listening Lounge DJ will broadcast a curated playlist from a central computer. While lounging, listeners can tune into one of three channels of their choice, allowing for repeat visits. Audio presented in the Listening Lounge will be agnostic, collected from all sectors of our community and moving across formats.

We will solicit submissions from MCN members/participating institutions, and curate playlists for each channel. Even if someone is not attending MCN, they can submit a piece to the Listening Lounge. A playlist might include a ten-minute podcast, a binaural experiment, a sonic landscape, a soundwalk, a piece of original music inspired by a painting, or an intimate first-person interview. The Listening Lounge for two hours for each day of the conference, allowing for MCN participants to drop-in at any time between sessions, meetings, or just when they need to take a break, close their eyes, and open their ears.


Type of Session
OTHER: Listening Lounge
Session Leader : Christine Murray, Sr. Creative Strategist & Executive Producer, Antenna International
Co-Presenter : Jason Reiner, Founder, Earprint