Best Practices for Creating Meaningful AR/VR Experiences
Thursday, November 9, 2017 2:15 PM - 3:45 PM
Venue: Allegheny

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are increasingly attractive technologies that many museums are considering using to achieve greater visitor engagement. While AR/VR projects have been featured at recent museum technology conferences, there hasn’t necessarily been a focus specifically on why museums should use AR/VR, how attendees might go about developing AR/VR in their organization, and how these can projects can be developed to encourage meaning making in museums.

This roundtable discussion with six different media producers aims to provide the guidelines for others to think about how they may go about developing AR/VR in their own museum and how promoting meaning making using these technologies benefits visitors and museums. The session presenters hail from and work with a variety of museum types: an Encyclopedic museum serving a local audience in a major city, an academic Natural History museum set in a University town, a small museum devoted to the art of Himalayan Asia in a major city, a Canadian Science and Technology museum in a major city serving North American and international visitors, a Contemporary Art museum in a major city serving local and non-local visitors, and a Holocaust museum in the nation’s capital. Despite the apparent differences in museum type and mission driven needs, the session presenters will discuss a variety of guidelines that applied to all projects, and that will be useful for attendees to consider in developing AR/VR experiences at their own organizations. Guidelines discussed will include: assessing the need for AR/VR experiences, researching the technology, finding partners, developing and adhering to a digital and content strategy, and internal/external communication around the projects.


Type of Session
OTHER: 90-minute round table
Session Leader : Max Evjen, Exhibitions Technology Specialist, Michigan State University Museum
Co-Presenter : A. Andrea Montiel De Shuman, Digital Experience Designer, Detroit Institute of Arts
Co-Presenter : Erica Gangsei, Head of Interpretive Media, SFMOMA
Co-Presenter : Robin White Owen, Principal, MediaCombo
Co-Presenter : Brian Dawson, Chief Digital Officer, Canada Science and Technology Museums Coporation
Co-Presenter : Silvina Fernandez-Duque, Product Manager, US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Co-Presenter : Keir Winesmith, Head of Digital, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art